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SPDate Review 2023

SPDate Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 19-29
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 9.2
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Two Stanford graduates established SPDate. Both Simon Tisminezky and Dan Abelon founded the site in 2007. Since its set up, the platform has grown to become a popular flirting website.

Indeed, life can offer different occasions, and each of them should be handled uniquely. There are times you need a serious affair that could lead to marriage. But there are other times when you do not require anything serious. Just a one-night stand, erotic adventures, and casual hookups become your favorite ideas.

These types of thoughts are ideal when you have just saved yourself from a relationship that did not work. Thus, you decide to pursue a casual sex lifestyle. This sex path is taken for fun and nothing serious. This is because most of the short-term affairs are objectively for no-strings-attached.

SPDate is the right hookup platform to pursue short-term affairs. It is a great platform that caters to users who need a hookup site. Adult singles and even couples can use this platform. And, of course, it is a site that is used for fun.

Users on this site seek new buddies, online flirting, hookups, and erotic adventures. Thus, if you do not want something serious, you should join this hookup site. The following sections offer detailed info about each aspect of the platform.

You will learn about the features and how they can help you. Besides, you will get to know the various age groups present on the website. The sign-up and profile creation processes are well-explained for all new users. Thus, please read this review if you want to find a casual date.

SPDate First impression

SPDate First impression

The SPDate Logo appears boldly on the homepage. You will also see the promise given to all members. It states that smart dating is the only thing offered here. Thus, ‘come on, it is easy and fun. Of course, that is true because the website has huge user activity, and you will have fun while flirting with other users.

It has a log-in icon on the page. Besides, there is a sign-up form. You can join the site by filling in the blank spaces on the registration form. However, by registration, you agree to their terms of use and the privacy policies of the flirting website.

As per the statement below the sign-up form, you also permit the site to share your data with third-party firms. In addition, you accept to get sexually explicit messages to your inbox. You will also get their newsletter every time they send one.

At the bottom of the homepage, there are three sections; messages, contacts, and dialogues. They claim that you will get a message every session, enjoy 100 active contacts and begin new dialogues every session.

Who should use the SPDate website?

Who should use the SPDate website?

SPDate highly suits casual daters. Anyone who needs an affair with no-strings-attached finds this flirting platform worth their time. Thus, you should consider this hookup platform if you need a casual date, a one-night stand, and other types of short-term affairs. Even if you have a long-term affair with someone from this site, it may not have any strings attached unless otherwise.

If you intend to find a serious affair, this is not the best site for you. Hookup sites cater to those seeking short-term relationships that cannot lead to anything serious. They are not after love but fun. Thus, they will just find a partner for a one-night stand and forget about it the next morning. They can come back for one more hookup. This is because the platform does not have restrictions on how many dates you can have.

Users age and gender ratio

The age group with a high number of users on SPDate is the 25 to 34 years group. This group is followed by those aged 18-24 while the 45-54 age group comes next. Users above 50 years take the last slot meaning that they are very few on the site.

With about 1.5 million users and 6.2 million active members, you can find someone for casual dates. Men occupy 53 % of the total user base, while women occupy 47 %.

SPDate Costs and Prices

SPDate Costs and Prices

SPDate is offered for free. However, it has a package that you can buy that is not boldly displayed on the site. You will learn more about it in a few.

In the meantime, take a look at the free services;

Free Services

  1. Create an account
  2. View profiles
  3. Browse photo albums
  4. Send messages

Fee-Based Services

  1. Access to the list of most active users
  2. Unlimited access to user pictures

Payment Options

Credit Card

Payment discretion

The premium Charges appears on your statement as “paygate24.net”

The platform will claim to provide 100% free lifetime membership. However, they do have a premium package. This premium plan is written in tiny letters beside the age-verification box. Verifying age costs about 0.99 USD, which is refundable within seven days.

You can purchase an add-on usage from pickup-guru.com for 29.99 USD for one month, as indicated on the pricing table above.

SPDate claims to give you “unlimited access to the site” when you buy the package, but you can use all the features with just a free account once you join the site.

However, an upgrade gives you access to:

  1. Getting more messages, visits, and likes.
  2. Unlimited access to user pictures.
  3. Access to the list of members who are most active on the website.

Is SPDate a pricey site or lowly-priced?

You can use the site for free. Thus, it is affordable. Anyone can use the site since it is free.

What are the risks of using it?

What are the risks of using it?

As per the numerous complaints from users, SPDate seems to have fake profiles. Thus, you should be keen on how you utilize the site and interact with users. Some bots pretend to be humans but aren’t. They will interact with you but may never offer a date.

However, if you are keen, you can find out if the user is real to avoid wasting time charting bots. Remember, only real members can offer you a date. Thus, it would be best if you considered interacting with real users.

Safety and security details

It would help if you never overlooked security and safety concerns while having fun on SPDate. The site makes it clear that they will be sharing user data with third-party organizations. Thus, you permit them to share the information once you join the site. It is well-stipulated on the homepage, and you should bear that in mind.

You can block users whom you do not wish to keep the connection. The site also protects user payment info. The name of the platform does not appear on your credit card statement. Instead, they use a different name to make sure that no one will ever find out that you have been using the site.

Creation of a Great Profile

Creation of a Great Profile

Users can complete their profiles once the sign-up process is over. The profile does not need much info. You only need to describe yourself, but you should not hurry up. Take your time to give more specific details. You should offer more details so that other users will know what you want and who you are.

You will be required to give your gender and the gender of your desired match. In addition, you will need to reveal your sexual orientation, preferences, and so on. You must upload a nice photo to your member profile. This photo will help to attract more users to your profile. Lacking a profile picture drives people away since no one is interested in chatting with users without photos.

On-boarding process

Registering on the SPDate website

  1. Sign-up is easy
  2. You can join as male or female.
  3. It has a one-step sign-up process.
  4. You will be engaged with a few ads during sign-up.

You can provide the sign-up info in a few minutes. The entire sign-up process does not take much of your time since the required basic details are few. You will be required to provide your name, email address, age, and gender.

It is just a one-step sign-up process, and you are good to start having fun. You can only join the website as either female or male. There is no option for couples to join the service as one.

User Profile and matchmaking

User Profile and matchmaking

SPDate has a minimalistic look, and its profile page is not different. The profile part looks informative, especially for users who have completed it as required.

The left part of the user profile is called a ‘Command post’ and has these details;

Discovery: this part will showcase all women that you may like.

Home: on this part, you can view the profile of other users, rate them, like them, and begin contact.

Messages: this tab provides access to all incoming messages and dialogues.

Contacts: every profile that you have a favorite appears on this tab. They will stay here for easy access.

Profile: this section carries your user SPDate profile. You can tweak the details anytime you wish. You can also upload extra photos to it anytime.

Activity Section: this part shows you the activity of other members. You will see the users who have viewed your profile, users who have liked your profile, and the members you have liked.

Top Users: the most popular SPDate profiles appear here. You can even opt to get in touch with them.

Settings: you can blacklist users, set your security preferences, notifications, and much more.

The right section of the page has:

  1. Details about yourself
  2. Your photos
  3. Info about your work and education
  4. Notifications on flirts, messages, and invitations

Matching and chatting

SPDate offers users the chance to get in touch with other members that they like. Of course, it would not be a nice idea to have a flirting site with no communication features.

You can send a sweet message to any user on the website. If they accept it, you can further get to know each other and even plan your casual dates.

Mobile App Avialability

Mobile App Avialability

The mobile application for SPDate is unique. You can download it on your smartphone device. The app allows users to sign up, sign in, search, chat, and much more. Its set of features is similar to that of the desktop version.

Users of the app can set to get ring notifications or just mute them. You can upload more pictures to your user profile using the mobile application. At the moment, android smartphones can use the app. It is not yet available for iOS devices.

iOS device application

There is no mobile application for iOS devices. However, if you use an iOS powered device, you can opt for the browser. You will access the mobile version of the website, where you can do all activities you wish on the SPDate mobile version website.

Android app details

There is an Android app for SPDate that members can download it for use. It offers convenience since you can find casual dates, flirt, and do more anywhere with the help of this mobile application.

You can register on the mobile app. You can also log in to your user account, change profile details, use other features, and even find dates.

Top Features

Here are the key features on the website that provide you with a surely erotic experience:

Sex Request

This is one of the SPDate special features that will get you a casual date on the website. Thus, you can use or accept the requests from other members to ask for sex from you. Ideally, it is a nice way to get a date.


You can view and like pictures of other members on this feature. The pictures that you like will be listed somewhere for quick access.


The site provides a unique list of users who are popular. You can check out their profiles and get in touch with them whenever you wish.

Profile ratings

The LIKE button can help you rate the photos of other members.

You have the choice to rate the pictures of other users with the help of the ‘Like’ button.

Adding to contacts

If you get in touch with a new user and would wish to keep the communication, you can add them to a list of contacts. This addition of members to the contact list gives fast and easy access.


There are some users who may not want to stay in touch any longer. You can add them to your blacklist. They will never send you a message.

Overall Website Rating & Final Thoughts

SPDate is free! It can rake a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. It is very rare to find a free hookup website. Many of the members join this hookup site for fun. Thus, you can still join the same purpose. Fun flirting is one of the best ways to get viable connections for one-night stands.

Casual dating, flirting, and short-term relationships are common on this platform. You should join the platform if you need something that will give you fun through romance, nothing serious. If you seek a marriage partner, you may have to try other popular long-term affairs sites.

This site has a few fake users. Thus, it would help if you were keen while you use it. However, you are permitted to blacklist users with whom you do not wish to engage in the future. You are entirely in control of what you receive from other users.

The site has nice dating tools that you can use to interact with other users, request intimacy, and communicate with them. Use the search tool to find the exact match that you need. Do not forget to engage in the ‘hot or not’ play. You may end up getting multiple matches from the same game.

There are many users. These members are from various regions of the globe. Thus, you should expect to have users from your current area and faraway places. It is upon you to decide on whom to contact.

The sign-up process remains easy. It is a simple one-step process. Thus, you will not meet a long blank form to fill during the registration. Also, you will create a profile. Provide further info as requested and upload a nice picture. You can still add extra images to your profile.

FAQ section

Is SPDate a safe website to use?

SPDate is a safe hookup platform. They have a credit card protection policy. And as a user, you will never be subjected to unnecessary charges. Also, the site may share your details with third parties. But this does not mean that you will get nasty messages from the said firms or organizations. This is stated on the sign-up page, and every user knows that the site will share the info. However, they keep some of your crucial data to themselves.

Is SPDate a free hookup service?

Yes, you can join SPDate and use it without paying any money. The site offers a quick sign-up process for free. It also has many dating tools offered for free. Besides, it has many users and a dedicated mobile application that you can still download for free. The site does not ask users to pay a certain amount of bucks to use it.

Do SPDate websites perform as expected?

Yes, this flirting website caters to people seeking casual dates, one-night stands, and fun. You can get a partner for a weekend out. You can also find a match for a one-night stand. In addition, if you need to get a woman or man for sex with no strings attached, this is the right hookup website to join. It is a free hookup service that you can use to fulfill your sexual desires.

Can you cancel the SPDate paid subscription anytime?

As stated earlier, SPDate is provided to all members for free. Thus, many users pay nothing to join and use all the features of this casual dating site. However, fun seekers can upgrade to an option premium package that goes for 29.99 USD. You can cancel it by visiting the profile settings and choosing ‘Cancel membership’ at any time. But if you never bought the optional; plan, you have nothing to cancel.

How to delete SPDate profile and stop subscription?

It may happen that you do not wish to keep using the service. Maybe you have found a match and satisfied your desires, or you would want to pursue other things elsewhere. It would be best if you opted to erase your SPDate account. However, you should be aware that this action is not reversible. Once you delete the account, it is gone forever. Thus, think twice before erasing. But if you want to erase it, visit your account settings and choose that function.

How to get in touch with SPDate operators?

Getting in touch with the operators of the SPDate website is easy. You can use the support feature on the site to reach out to them. In addition, you can use [email protected]. To deliver your complaint, suggestion, thumbs up, queries, and any other concerns, please use any of the two ways mentioned. The support team is available all through. You can contact them whenever you come across difficulties while using the platform.

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