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СasualDates Review 2023

СasualDates Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 70%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 22-38
Profiles 950 250
Reply Rate 77%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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CasualDates online platform is a service that aims to unite individuals that want a casual relationship or flings. It was established in 2017. The site is ideal for straight people and members of the LGBT community.

Since its introduction, the website has enabled many adults to find suitable matches. Affiliate GmnH German entity owns the dating service. The platform gets more than two thousand logins daily. The majority of the members reside in the United States, but adults from any country can register. The platform is also popular in nations like Russia, Canada, and Britain.

The CasualDates dating platform is not complicated. Customers start by opening an account by providing their personal information. After that, you have to be at least eighteen years to join.

There are both free and premium features. However, the service cost is above average.

The website administrators approve members’ pictures to lower the number of bots and scammers. In addition, the platform prohibits uploading images of other people.

First impression of the СasualDates online dating platform

CasualDates platform provides free registration. However, you will later need to pay to access certain features. You will need the subscription to communicate with the people you wish to date.

The website landing page looks outdated, but it is still attractive. In addition, you will see profile photos and general details about the website. The average number of active users on the dating platform is one thousand.

To start using the CasualDates platform, you need to open an account. First, there is a form where you fill out your username, email ID, gender, password, and other basic details. Then, the site sends a verification link that customers use to activate their accounts.

In the profile section, you have to describe yourself and the person you want. You also need to upload pictures that the website moderators check to ensure they are not celebrities or other people. The platform does that to lower fake profiles. Users should stick to different online dating rules to have a safe experience.

After completing your CasualDates site profile, you can start looking for matches. You can use any search filter depending on your interests. It can be age, location, body type, etc.

When you find the person you like, you can initiate a conversation. However, you first have to upgrade your membership since communication features are not free.

The CasualDates website has a lovely design, though outdated. The interface is interactive and well structured. Even inexperienced people will never have trouble operating the site. The tabs, buttons, and everything else got well placed. It is easy to understand how to use the service, whether on a computer or mobile device. If you encounter an issue, you can reach the support department using a telephone number or email address. There is also an FAQ section where you can answer some questions instead of reaching a support representative.

Some of the best CasualDates features include:

  • The search tool allows people to look for matches based on the features that interest them.
  • The connection feature enables you to find friends or favorite members.
  • The site has a scoreboard that displays the most popular or best-looking profiles.
  • There are adult videos for those that want to relax and have a good time.
  • Customers can communicate via a webcam.

Who benefits from the СasualDates website?

Most of the CasualDates site users are from the United States, Europe, and Asia. The population keeps going up each day. Millions of people have tested the trial version, and the company has a good reputation.

The CasualDates website is beneficial to the following types of people.

  • Straight adults who want casual relationships.
  • The members of the LGBT community who want short-term relationships.
  • You can find both single and married individuals looking for fun.

The dating platform members’ age and gender ratio

The CasualDates website accepts people above eighteen years old. Most of the individuals are young adults between twenty-five and thirty-eight years.

The number of men and that of ladies is not well balanced. Men are more than women.

The cost of the СasualDates service

The CasualDates website offers customers free and paid services. The former does not allow customers to find partners. You can only sign up and browse profiles of other non-paying users. To make the most of the platform, you need to subscribe.

There are three membership plans.

  • One month: Users pay almost $30.
  • Three months: You will spend nearly $25 per month.
  • Six months: The service costs almost $20 each month.

There is also a three-day trial period where users pay almost $3. After that, you can pay using the bank transfer or credit card option.

Below are the benefits enjoyed by premium users on the CasualDates website:

  • You can use the advanced search option to find compatible partners.
  • You can send unlimited private messages.
  • Premium users can form a picture gallery with sexual content.
  • You can create your favorites list.
  • Customers have unlimited access to contact proposals from other individuals.

Is the СasualDates online dating service expensive or cheap?

New customers on the CasualDates platform can pay around $3 to access the site. The payment allows you to access all features for up to three days.

After the above period, you need to subscribe for a one-month, three-month, or six-month membership to keep using premium features.

The CasualDates dating service cost is a bit costly compared to most similar websites. However, customers can save some money if they choose more extended payment plans. For example, you will pay $20 per month for the six-month subscription while the one-month plan costs $30.

Are there any risks involved when using the online dating platform?

The CasualDates platform, like all other online dating places, is not 100% safe. There are security measures to ensure a secure dating environment, but you can still encounter scammers or fake profiles.

For example, all new customers get verified, but it is possible to find fake accounts. So, it is vital to adhere to online dating rules and remain cautious anytime you use the service. For example, never reveal your personal information to strangers. Also, ensure to check profiles before contacting their owners. Finally, if the content you see on one’s page does not add up or their communication seems off, avoid them.

Fake accounts often have no photos, and they reveal little information about the person. So, it is easy to identify them and report them to the site administrators.

The safety and security of customers’ data

Every new user will want to know how safe the CasualDates website is before joining. You will want to interact with genuine members and avoid scammers.

The platform requires new customers to provide an email address when registering. Without one, your account cannot get created. In addition, the site users email IDs to find people who harass others or cause safety problems.

The CasualDates platform also restricts profile viewing to registered members only. In addition, the measure offers basic security. Other safety measures include the SSL encryption technology that provides data protection from unauthorized access.

The online platform also verifies customer emails to eliminate fake accounts. In addition, pictures get analyzed by the site administrators. So, you can only upload genuine images.

The CasualDates website allows customers to block and report suspicious accounts. So, if you notice someone going against the platform rules, you can inform the administrators.

The website also has a responsive support department that operates day and night. The sector comprises real experts who are ready to attend to customers. So, if you encounter an issue or need to inquire, you can send an email.

There is an FAQ section as well. Customers can find answers to some questions instead of contacting a support agent.

Despite the above safety measures, the CasualDates platform requires users to be cautious when interacting with strangers. You can’t tell other people’s intentions, nor can you be sure that they are genuinely looking for dates. So, under no circumstances should you reveal confidential information such as phone number, banking details, and home address. In addition, limiting the information you disclose helps in avoiding risks.


Profile building

The CasualDates platform features detailed profiles. The information contained includes:

  • Basic details.
  • A brief bio.
  • The characteristics of a match.
  • Photos.

The site profiles also show numbers of the following:

  • Public information.
  • Videos.
  • Photos.
  • Posts.

You can make your videos and photos private. However, other members will need your permission to view them.

The CaualDates website allows customers to modify their profiles when they want. However, it would be best to keep everything up to date to avoid connecting with unsuitable partners. For instance, you can add more basic details, update your location, say more about their physical looks, personality, and preferences in a relationship.

The registration process

The CasualDates website has a fast and straightforward registration activity. When you load the site, you will find a signup form. The details you need to enter include:

  • Username.
  • Email ID.
  • Your gender and that of the person you want to see.
  • Password.
  • Birthdate.

The website accepts users of any sexual orientation, and users can only join if they are above eighteen years.

The website provides an email verification link that customers click on to activate their accounts before accessing the platform.

Profile quality and matchmaking

The CasualDates website recommends creating a detailed profile to find partners faster. The information you can include is

  • Basic details.
  • A short bio.
  • The features of the individual you want to meet.

It is necessary to upload several pictures on the profile. The website moderates them to ensure they are genuine.

Every CasualDates profile has statistics with the number of videos, photos, public details, and posts. Some members restrict video and picture access. You will need to ask for permission to see them.

Finding a match

Anyone registered on the CasualDates platform can browse profiles for free. The site’s general quality is high. Most individuals provide sufficient profile information making it easy to find matches.

You can use several filters to look for matches. There are both primary and detailed options.

Before contacting a person, you can analyze their flaws, preferences, and fantasies. Then, when you start chatting, you can ask for more information about what they want, and you can also tell them what you desire.


Mobile App ability

Mobile devices have become the most convenient means of communication and a way to date faster. But, unfortunately, the CasualDates Company does not have an app yet.

However, the absence of an app should not discourage you from trying the service. You can still access the website using a mobile browser.

The mobile service is fully functional, and you can access it using any device. However, you will need to enter your username and password any time you want to access the service. Your internet connection also needs to be stable when using a phone.

Ios app

The CasualDates Company is yet to create an iOS app. In the meantime, people can use their devices to access the website via a browser. Thus, you will enjoy a seamless service on the go. The site is clean and lovely. It is, however, not updated, but you can expect an enjoyable experience because it is highly interactive.

Android app

The CasualDates Company is yet to introduce an app for Android devices. However, that fact should not discourage you from trying the service. You can use your Android phone browser to access the website. You need to have a stable internet connection.

The mobile platform offers the same experience as the desktop version.

Top website features

The CasualDates website offers impressive features. Below are some of them.

  1. Search
  2. Customers can use either basic or advanced search filters to find compatible partners.

  3. Connections
  4. The feature gets used for finding friends or favorite members.

  5. Score board
  6. The feature allows finding popular and hot profiles.

  7. Sex videos
  8. Customers enjoy adult recordings. The videos are an excellent way to relax and have fun.

  9. Live cams
  10. The features let members connect with the people they want to interact with through video cam.

    The CasualDates website also has other standard features like live chat and email options for customers to reach the support team.

  11. Chat rooms
  12. The dating platform entails chatting and having a good time with like-minded strangers from any place around the globe. In addition, users can participate in group conversations where they share their sexual fantasies and experiences.

  13. Flirt
  14. The website allows customers to express their interest in other people through flirts and likes. In addition, you can click the emoji on other members’ profiles. However, you need to upgrade your account to access the feature.


Overall rating and conclusion of CasualDates Review

The CasualDates website is, without any doubt, an excellent place for anyone interested in casual affairs and flings. Customers have access to many exciting features, there are safety measures in place, and most members are active.

Becoming a member of the website is not difficult and does not consume so much time. The interface is user-friendly. Everything from registration, profile creation, finding matches, and communicating is smooth.

Even though the CasualDates website has fake profiles and scammers, it is easy to identify them. In addition, the site allows blocking and reporting to avoid suspicious individuals from contacting you.

Also, even though there is no app, customers can still date on the go through their device browser.

So, if you want to diversify your sexual life and have casual relationships, you should try the CasualDates site.


Is the online СasualDates platform safe?

Yes. The CasualDates website uses SSL technology to protect customer data. Apart from that, new customers get verified to eliminate fake profiles. The website even moderates pictures, ensuring no one uploads celebrities and model photos to lure people.

Despite the above measures, there can still be fake accounts on the website. However, that does not render the site unsafe. Users need to stick to safety rules to avoid getting scammed.

Is the СasualDates dating service free?

The CasualDates dating service is not fully accessible without a subscription.

The site has both free and changeable offers. The former includes registration, account creation, and browsing profiles. So, you might not get what you want with free membership.

You will need to upgrade your membership to communicate with the people you like. There are three payment plans. The longer the payment plan, the lower the monthly charge.

Does the СasualDates site work?

The CasualDates website does work, provided you are not looking for a long-term partner. The platform has many people from various places around the globe. It has been functioning well since it got established.

The website accepts straight people and members of the LGBT community.

More users keep registering each day which only means the service is good.

Can customers cancel their СasualDates subscription whenever they want?

Yes. When you purchase the CasualDates site premium membership, you need to know when you can terminate it. If you do not stop it within the specified time, you will get billed.

All customers have a right to unsubscribe when they no longer wish to use the service. Canceling the membership requires you to contact the website administrator. The process is fast after you get a consultation from a support agent.

How do users delete their СasualDates account and cancel their subscription?

The CasualDates platform lets customers unsubscribe and leave their accounts active. You need to contact the website administrator to cancel a subscription.

However, if you want to delete your account from the site, there are two convenient options. First, the website can hide your profile and make it invisible in search findings.

The hiding option allows you to reactivate your account if you change your mind.

The second option deletes all your details from the website database. So, if you want to use the service again, you will have to register as a new member.

How do customers contact the СasualDates website?

The CasualDates website offers various communication methods. If you have challenges or need to ask a question, there are ways to get assisted.

You can reach the user support team through an email address or a telephone number.

The site also has a Facebook and Twitter account. Customers can send their inquiries there too.

The CasualDates Company additionally has a YouTube account.

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