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Top Men Seeking Women Sites in 2023

Best Men Seeking Women sites

  1. Good for flirting and casual dating BeNaughty
  2. Good for make your pursuit of a perfect chubby companion highly enjoyable FatFlirt
  3. Good for finding the right person for your needs FlirtyMature
  4. Good for people with gay sexual orientation BuddyGays
  5. Good for find instant hookups InstantHookups

There are plenty of trust issues when it comes to men seeking women sites. The handful of illegitimate options tend to bring down the reputation of an entire industry on some occasions. The large volume of options in the world of men seeking women sites means that it is easy to go wrong with the choice if one is lackadaisical in their research. There are legitimate options that need to be identified based on reviews, reputation, and features. Once done carefully, it is easy to find a real and legitimate choice.

Is It True That All Men Seeking Women Sites Are Genuine?

As mentioned in the introduction, you need to assess carefully the websites you will give your private data to. Not all platforms out there are genuine, so it’s important to understand how to discern between the best ones and the ones with a bad reputation.

Here’s What You Should Know About Legit Men Seeking Women Sites

The legit options online in the dating category tend to have received favourable reviews from many users for more than a few years. Such choices can achieve this celebrity status by having stringent measures to bypass the security and step into the platform. Some of the security measures employed by these legit men seeking women sites would be email verification, moderator assistance, and more.

Should You Actually Trust Such Platforms?

The trust factor is one of the biggest issues in the online dating scene, especially on men seeking women sites. Due to the malicious nature of some sites, users can end up having their identity and personal data compromised to a great extent. This can be avoided by choosing trustworthy sites that have been receiving many positive reviews for a consistent period. Rather than be tempted by the new generation options, it makes sense to opt for sites that have less takeover of accounts, fraud detection, fewer chargebacks, a fewer number of fake accounts, and more. Over the years, specific issues like fake profiles have been a significant problem in the industry, and only a handful of sites have been able to curtail this trend by using many security features.

Quick Comparison of The Free & Paid Men Looking for Women Platforms

There are options available in the free and paid segments for men looking for a woman dating sites. There are some crucial differences between the two options. To understand these differences better, let us take a closer look:

  • Completely free men seeking women hookup sites

Free sites can provide a convenient way of meeting new individuals without stepping outside of the comfort zone – whether it is the home or the office. Furthermore, users will be exposed to a larger user base not limited by state or national borders. This significantly enhances the chances of success, but the number of available features immensely restricts these free sites. For example, even basic elements like messaging will not be available without paying a fee.

  • Paid men seeking women hookup sites

Paid sites, even the men seeking women ones, are a great way to experience online dating at its best. The paid membership will provide access to every feature listed by the site. This makes it easier to make oneself endearing to potential matches, as some of the common features include better visibility in search results, unlimited messages, and more. It is a success on paid sites that make the experience worthwhile, and users are better likely to go off with such options.

One would be surprised to know that there are many versions of men seeking women sites in the market. The diverse requirements of users mean that the industry has had to change appropriately and provide specific products for those who do not want to get distracted. The exclusive options certainly enhance the overall experience with a specific set of features.

Sex Centered

The men who seek women for sex can go to a version of the online dating sites that primarily deals with hookups. These sites are giving more importance to the location and appearance of a person. Such sites tend to have a higher success ratio when a larger user base is available.

Just For fun

The version available for men looking for casual fun with the women can be quite different, as this is only focused on short-term experiences. On most occasions, the men who seek women for casual fun sites would only match individuals based on looks with no primary interests coming into play.

Extramarital Affairs

There’s also the category of married men who are seeking women. The talk about extramarital affairs might initiate contempt among online dating sites. Still, a segment caters explicitly to the married men who are keen on spicing up their life with some extramarital affairs. The online dating scene will provide a specific route for the same, as a married man looking for a woman of any age will be able to find them without breaking a sweat or revealing their identity.

Older Men Weeking Women: What You Need to Know

The incidence of older men seeking women’s company is on the rise when it comes to online dating sites. These sites have easily gotten past the taboo associated with this category, as love can blossom at any stage. The sites can accommodate the age gap in romances, and they are a perfect way for individuals to go after their desires without any constraints.

Black: Yes, There’s This Options as Well

A black male looking for a woman to hang out with can seek the assistance of specific sites that predominantly accept only black individuals. These black men who seek women sites provide a great alternative rather than dealing with individuals who may not be interested in the mixing of a race.

Asian: Another Great Category

The rising popularity of dating amongst Asian men leads to sites that cater explicitly to Asian men’s desire to seek female partners of different age groups. Platforms for Asian men who seek women are very trendy.

We Compiled The Best Man Looking for Woman Sites

Many sites would fit into the category of assisting men in finding a female partner for different reasons. Some of the best sites would be:



BeNaughty does away with many norms of this industry like elaborated signup process and unavailability of many features for free. The ability of many features for free is a boon and disadvantage at the same time. It is excellent to check out the site’s various features without paying any fees, but profile access, even for a free member, is a source of concern. However, users can turn on or off the safe mode to protect their status. The site generates exposure to more than 40,000 new individuals every week.


  • Excellent for open-minded individuals
  • Many search filters are available for free
  • Signup is very fast
  • Interface is focused on search


  • Privacy concerns since free profiles provide access to other profiles
  • Subscription could be renewed automatically


As one of the most popular sites globally and in the United States, Zoosk has continuously increased since its introduction in 2007. The numbers stand at an impressive 40 million in terms of the user base. The free services available on the site are very basic, and one can get access to messaging option only by paying a subscription fee. This can set users back by $12 to even $30 per month.


  • Availability in many countries across the globe
  • The network is very active, with 3 million messages per day
  • Access to more than 40 million users globally


  • Inability to message without a paid subscription
  • Inability to search via common interests

Coffee Meets Bagel


Since its introduction in 2012, Coffee Meets Bagel has been steadily making its way up the dating. It is excellent for men seeking women for sex or any other reason. Most of the users on the site fall in the age group from 30 to 49. Crucially, the number of women is almost 40% of the total user base, and this is a highly favorable ratio. The site is heavily oriented towards enhancing the mobile dating experience. A significant advantage would be the profiles being kept locked to improve safety.


  • Very straightforward membership
  • Excellent mobile user experience
  • Profiles are very private to enhance safety


  • Only a limited number of matches every day
  • The algorithm is largely dependent on Facebook friends


EliteSingles is a perfect option when one does not have a lot of time on their hands. In such a scenario, the members will be focused on their careers, leaving very little time to search for partners. The primary focus of EliteSingles is on individuals over 30. A dedicated personality test which is designed to identify compatible matches is one of the highlights of EliteSingles


  • A safe platform that is available for everyone
  • The international user base of high quality
  • The algorithm is able to generate excellent matches
  • Easy interface


  • Free membership does not offer much
  • Expensive solution for lower-income individuals



Grindr has become an excellent option for a male looking for female companionship. Since 2009, the site has steadily grown as a favorite among those looking for hookup opportunities. The option to see the nearby profiles is displayed directly on the main page, while the latest profiles using a separate tab. One can save interesting profiles for texting or initiating contact at a later stage. The process of flirting with a profile is another easy thanks to a flame logo feature in every profile.

Are you a male looking for female? The this is for you.


  • Easy to navigate around
  • User base is large and active
  • Easy to find nearby users


  • Very common to experience bots and fake profiles
  • Too many ads

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty of Fish is one of the older dating sites in the industry. Yet, it has been able to outlive many of the younger competitors thanks to a large set of features that have been conducive for men looking for woman company in different regards. Thanks to the simple function, the signup process can be speedy, and searching for profiles is also very easy. Once an exciting match is found, even free users will initiate a message with interested parties.


  • Search functionality is very strong
  • Interface is modern
  • Focuses on every aspect apart from just swiping on profiles


  • Not a great deal of singles
  • Too many low quality pictures

Mature Dating


Older men often find it challenging to use many modern dating sites, as the interface can be too complex and difficult to understand. They may also be unable to choose the legit site, but Mature Dating comes in this regard by helping those above 40 years of age find friendship, love, or just casual fun. The process of becoming a member of Mature Dating takes only a few minutes. Once the account is created, users will be treated to a large community of older individuals.


  • Profiles can be created for free
  • Many ice-breaking tools are available to initiate messages
  • Plenty of mature singles
  • Ability to receive messages


  • Subscription might renew automatically
  • Some fake profiles

Best Advice For Seeking Women When Men Are Lonely

One can master the art of seeking women using dating sites by following certain principles and techniques. The initial few lines being used in a conversation can greatly impact the likelihood of getting a date. This applies even when men seeking women for sex are trying to use these websites. It is easy to get carried away when messaging other profiles, but one should always be wary about sharing before getting to know them. One should always avoid keeping all the eggs in one basket by putting their complete effort into a single person. Instead, there is no harm in eyeing other profiles while initial messaging is taking place with an exciting person. Finally, one should not walk away when things are not as good as it seems.

Final Words About This Dating Scene

The best option when a male looking for a female tries to enter into the dating scenario will be to use the help of online sites, which can make the job so much easier. Even though a certain degree of caution has to be exercised when choosing the sites, the result will be much better since one can access performance based on their budget, expectations, interests, and more.


What Can Be Seen As The Best Site For Men Who Seek Women?

There is no single site that can be classified as the best for men seeking women for dating or casual hookup purposes. Among the several hundred sites available, the reputed names tend to have a higher user base – which translates into more opportunities for the user – and a higher number of useful features like search filters and matchmaking algorithms using the interests provided by the user.

What Is The Need For Men To Seek Cool Women?

There is a greater necessity for men to seek cool women, as it gives a sense of pride and achievement. The men are also on the lookout for women who would be great to take out and teach them some of the finer things in life. These expectations are often placed upon men when looking for a potential hookup opportunity in the online dating scene.

What Is That Women On These Sites Are Expecting From Men?

The expectations of men and women can be vastly different in the world of online dating. For men, it is more about the intensity and frequency of sexual activity, while women are looking for someone who can provide company and the potential for casual fun. This disparity in expectations is one of the primary reasons for many failed dates in the world of online dating and casual hookups.

What Is The Reason Behind Older Men Seeking Younger Women?

The concept of an older man dating a younger woman is also known as a sugar daddy situation, and it is mainly becoming common in many parts of the world. This is certainly not a one-way concept, as even younger women are starting to seek older men for the maturity that they are likely to offer. The older man wants to be with a younger woman for their beauty—inside and outside. The younger women would also come with less of a hassle.

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