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FlirtyMature Review 2023

FlirtyMature Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 56%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 30-44
Profiles 520 000
Reply Rate 95%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It consists of a significant number of users.
  • It will lend you the offer for a three days trial before you buy the paid version.
  • The sign-in method of FlirtyMature is quick and straightforward.
  • It is available almost all over the globe.
  • The interface is simple and aesthetically clean.
  • There are more than 300,000 active members every week.
  • Flirtcast is an excellent feature.
  • The automatic renewal has the default settings.
  • The number of messages you send is limited to free members.
  • Not all the features are for the free version.

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FlirtyMature provides flirting services to mature men and women. Anyone seeking a mature man or woman finds this dating site worth their time and bucks. This platform also caters to the LGBT community. Thus, if you are not a straight person, this site can serve you.

The best thing about this platform is that it connects you with singles in your location. The site is owned by Together Networks – a famous player who also owns other popular dating sites and apps. Indeed, most of the flirting sites owned by this entity have a considerable user base and reliable features.

Despite the fact that FlirtyMature has a vast membership of seniors (40-55+ years), young guys can also join. You are only expected to be over eighteen years old to become a user of this platform.

A large membership comes from the United States. However, you can also find users from many parts of the globe. Most of the members are from English-speaking countries like New Zealand, Canada, the UK, etc.

This dating platform provides both free and paid memberships to all its members. Seemingly, this dating service promotes long-term affairs. Most of the users seek something serious.

What is the First impression of FlirtyMature?

What is the First impression of FlirtyMature?

First impressions matter. And it is the only thing you need to make sure you give other users on the site.

For example, if you open the homepage of FlirtyMature, you will see a photo of a beautiful woman. The log-in icon is well-placed at the right top corner of the page to welcome you to your account. But if you are not registered, the page has a sign-up form. You can fill it with all the required details.

Who should use the FlirtyMature website?

FlirtyMature is ideal for over 50 singles seeking a long-term affair or simply casual dates. It is a site that caters to divorcees or widowers seeking a new breath of love in their lives. Also, any older single that cherishes casual flirting can use this platform.

You should not join this platform if you are a single seeking erotic adventures or casual sex encounters. Also, if you are a married person and want an affair, this site may not be ideal. The services of this dating site may not also suit younger singles, but it is not forbidden to join. This is because anyone can become a registered user as long as they are over 18 years.

Age of Members and gender ratio information

This site has more men than women. Many of the users are mature men. Most users seek serious affairs while there are a few gay and lesbian members. Only users above 18 years can join and use the service. There are users aged 20 to 33 years and others 40 to 55 + years old.

With the active usage of 1,000 active members, FlirtyMature can be of great help when used well. This great platform can help mature women find a senior gentleman for a serious affair. Keep in mind that you will find more men than ladies, and most of them are seniors.

Pricing structure at FlirtyMature

Prices table

Duration Costs Total
Full Member
1 Week 7.00 USD per Week 7.00 USD
1 Month 28.80 USD per Month 28.80 USD
3 Months 16.20 USD per Month 48.60 USD

Free Services

  1. Account creation.
  2. Using the Like Gallery
  3. Send one message to 5 different members.
  4. Create a profile.

Fee-Based Services

  1. Send messages without limitations.
  2. Exchanging photos and videos via chats.
  3. Viewing photo album.
  4. Seeing the ‘Looking for’ section on other users’ profiles.
  5. Use of the platform’s comprehensive search tool.
  6. 24/7 premium support.
  7. Viewing pictures in full sizes.

Seemingly, there is a lot you can do with a paid account. If you take a quick look at the free services, you will notice how minimal they are. Thus, they may not be ideal for someone who wants to find a partner soon. But you can still leverage them if you wish to experience how the site works before buying a premium plan to find your spouse.

Is FlirtyMature costly or inexpensive?

FlirtyMature offers Average prices to its users. A quick comparison with other dating sites, you will notice that there are some that charge higher than the mentioned prices.

What Are the potential risks of using it?

What Are the potential risks of using it?

There are no risks at all. This platform offers high safety and security measures. Thus, you will not risk your info or even your life while using this service. All the users understand that they are registered on this website to find lovers, not make other people’s lives miserable.

Safety and security

Safety is a crucial aspect of all dating sites. You should always be careful when using dating sites. These two statements do not intend to scare you or tell you that this site is risky. Not at all! You can use the site without any fears since there is an email verification step. All photos are also checked for verification. Thus, there is no user who can use someone else’s image.

The two verification steps minimize fake users on the site. However, it is advisable to only get in touch with verified users and those with complete profiles. Any suspicious activity observed on the platform should be reported immediately.

How to create a Unique Profile

How to create a Unique Profile

The profile is one of the essential parts of your FlirtyMature user account. You can complete it after you have successfully joined the service. Successful joining means that you have undertaken the email and photo verification steps satisfactorily.

After sign-up, you can provide further details as requested by the site. Some of the data required include lifestyle, your appearance, ideal match, interests, etc.

You can also take personality quizzes. These quizzes give users a perfect idea of who they really are. However, these steps can be completed whenever you wish. You can just sign up and provide the details later.

Ensure you have a quality profile. Other members need to know more about you. Knowing your username and viewing the profile picture cannot convince users that you are a nice guy. You should go a step further to reveal more details about yourself. This filling in of more data presents you as an earnest member, and all the users you contact will always reply. This is because other users prefer connecting with serious people, and if you have a unique profile, you are one of those passionate buddies.

Registration process

A quick look at the FlirtyMature sign-up process:

  1. The entire process takes a few moments.
  2. You can create a new account as straight male or female.
  3. Same-sex affair seekers can also register.
  4. You can do the profile part later.
  5. You must verify your email.
  6. The photo uploaded is also checked for approval.

Fast and easy is the best phrase that can be used to define the FlirtyMature sign-up process. This is because new users are required to fill out a simple joining form. This sign-up form asks for your age, active email address, strong password, location, and gender.

FlirtyMature auto-populates your current region, but you can still specify it during sign-up. The site allows straight people-man or women- to join. Also, same-sex interested singles can join. The platform does not have age restrictions. This means that you can become a user of the service as long as you have attained eighteen years of age.

Before accessing the dating features of FlirtyMature, you will be asked to verify your email. The site delivers activation mail to your mailbox. You can open the email and click on the activation link. You will also use the activation code that is sent along with the link. Once you have verified that it is you, the owner of the email, creating a new account on FlirtyMature, you will be granted access to the features.

You should comply with providing details as requested by the sign-up form. All the details that will be on the account are helpful. The site users cannot find out who you are and how you look if there are no details and a photo. So, do not skip any of the steps because they are all needed. Fill out the sign-up completely and create a unique profile adhering to the guidelines given below.

Profile Quality and matching users

Profile Quality and matching users

Profile quality

  1. The fake profiles are easily noticed, and the operators take action.
  2. You can view profiles for free.
  3. Some profiles are not well done.
  4. All users can see profile photos.

The profile page asks for enough details to inform others about you. However, you can skip the profile steps. This is an idea that sees many users skip the profile and never provide the required details.

The bank sections, however, have the ‘Ask to Add’ feature. You can request extra details if you cannot get them from the profile.

Profile quality is crucial. You should make sure your user profile is complete. A complete profile has the profile picture and all details. Answer the questions asked about your background, your appearance, and much more. All these details will help others find you with ease.

Matchmaking and contact

The site offers matches to its members. You can opt for any of them that you deem right for you or use the search tool. The search tool helps you get the exact person you want. Once you have found a partner, you can get in touch.

Contacting users can be done via chat and private messaging functions. The only variation between the two contact ways is that the chat feature pops up when a new message is received. But the messaging tool can be used by accessing the email icon on the user profile. All the message exchanging is recorded in your inbox no matter what component you used during the communication.

Basic users are given five free messages per day. These free messages cannot be used on one member. You must send each to a different user on the site. Unlimited messaging is preserved for paying members.

Does the site offer a mobile App?

Does the site offer a mobile App?

There is no mobile application for FlirtyMature. But users can access the mobile version at any time. The features on the mobile version are similar to those on the desktop version. Thus, your phone browser can still play the role of an app.

The mobile version allows members to:

  1. Sign up on the website.
  2. Verify email.
  3. Verify photo.
  4. Send messages.
  5. Receive messages from other members.
  6. Use the search tool.
  7. Create and complete profile.
  8. Use chat features.
  9. Find a match.
  10. Use all paid features.

iOS mobile application

There is no iOS app at the moment. Users can perform all the activities they wish on the iPhone’s browsers. You will still get all the features as in the desktop version. The only difference is that you can use the iPhone’s browser while commuting, but you cannot carry with you the desktop.

Android app

Smartphone users can also use the browsers on the phone to date on FlirtyMature. You will do all the tasks mentioned above with ease. Do not forget that you can still report or block users while using the mobile version of the website.

They may launch a mobile app soon. But for now, it would be okay to use the various handy browsers.

Site Features

Site Features

FlirtyMature has good features, as revealed below:

The main photo is revealed to other users to vote if it is cute or not.

Flirt Cast

This feature allows users to send a preset message to various members at once. This feature can only be used when you have at least one photo on your user profile.

Satisfaction Policy

You can get in touch with the service to offer you a free trial. You can use this trial plan to test if the site provides good services.

A “user lock”

This feature helps you block a user from getting in touch with you via a message. But if the habit becomes obscene, you can report the user to the site moderators.

Chat / Correspondence

This is a flirting feature for many modern sites. You can send invitations for chatting or accept one from another member.

Short clips on profiles

Apart from a single picture, you can still upload a short clip on your profile. This is one of the innovative ways to stand out on a dating website.

Overall Rating & Conclusion

Overall Rating & Conclusion

FlirtyMature gets a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. It has good dating tools that make it unique. It is a dating website that has a vast user base, many reliable dating tools, free services, affordable premium plans, reliable support, and offers various types of affairs.

Many users leverage the effectiveness of the search filters to find matches. This is suitable when you want something specific on the site. You can begin by familiarizing yourself with the service, its features, and its promises. To achieve this, you need a trial plan. Once you get it, use it to the fullest just to understand how the service works and see what it offers.

During the sign-up-a process that takes a few minutes, you will need to verify your email. Thus, you should use an active email, not just any email. Also, you will need to create a profile to meet high quality. Add a cute photo of you. Avoid pet and celebrity pictures on your user profile.

Also, consider a premium plan. This is the only plan that offers incredible perks. You will get a lot of features to help you find a partner quickly. With most of the users being males, you can be sure to find one if you are a woman. Besides, same-sex affairs are welcomed here. So, if you have a friend who likes same-sex affairs, you can let them know that FlirtyMature service offers such.

Finally, it is worth noting that you will mostly mingle with English-speaking users. Most of them are from the United States. But you will still find others from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. Thus, be ready to meet cute women and handsome guys from different regions.


Is FlirtyMature a safe flirting website?

Bot security innovations guard the profiles at FlirtyMature. The moderators verify all the photos and profiles. All the photos are also checked to ascertain that they comply with the community guidelines. Thus, you will meet profiles with real photos, and all the profiles will be verified.

The verification process ensures no scammers can find their way into the site. Thus, all users are safe. The site does not have affiliations with companies that may use user data. Thus, all the data provided by the members are kept safe all through.

Is FlirtyMature offered for free?

FlirtyMature has a set of free services. You can use these free services if you just want to test the service. But it may not be ideal for real dating on the website. You will require a premium plan to get the best dating services.

The free service allows users to join, create a stunning profile, send five free messages to various users, view profiles, view profile pictures, verify email, and use both desktop and mobile versions. However, despite the device you are using, you will only access a few free dating services.

Do FlirtyMature websites function well?

Yes, there are hundreds of positive testimonials about this platform. It has served its users for a while, and many have managed to get partners. It has reliable dating features and affordable dating prices that make a great combination.

If you join today, you will soon get a match. The features make it easy for users to find cute matches in their location. However, you need a complete member profile and a good-looking profile photo to succeed here.

Can I cancel my FlirtyMature payment anytime?

There are many ways to stop the subscription at FlirtyMature. You can cancel it on your profile settings. Also, you can cancel the subscription by submitting your request via email address. The site’s support team can also help.

If you get in touch with them and let them know that you intend to cancel the subscription, you will get premium subscription cancellation help. However, you should read more about the policies regarding cancellation at the site.

How to delete the FlirtyMature account and cancel a premium subscription?

Deleting your FlirtyMature account is possible. But you will have to get in touch with the support team first. You can send an account deletion request to the support team email and wait to hear from them. When it comes to canceling the paid plan, you can use any of the ways mentioned above. But you should always cancel your subscription before deleting your account.

How to communicate with the FlirtyMature website?

FlirtyMature has a customer support team that is highly responsive, reliable, and professional. They are always ready to offer help to the site’s users on any problems they might be facing. Thus, if you have any questions, complaints, concerns, suggestions, or any other burning issues, please use this email to get in touch with the FlirtyMature support team: [email protected]. Do not endure site usage issues when you can easily get professional help.

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